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About CESH

Brief Introduction of EPSHC



On February 1997, environmental protection and labor safety and health group was established. On May 1989, Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) was set. In this center, three constituencies were consisted of including continuing education, the measurement of operational environment and Safety and Health Group. On Aug., 1989. Toxic chemicals operation and management committee was organized; and on February 2002, the original name was changed into Environmental Protection and Safety and Health Committee. On June 2004, OSHS was divided into Environmental Protection Group and the Safety and Health Group based on the long-term development in this school. On Sep. 2004, for complying with regulation of Radiation Protection Law promulgated by Atomic Energy Commission in Executive Yuan, the Radiation Protection Administration was incorporated into the Committee's responsibilities; on March 1994, its business was assigned by the Occupational Safety and Health Center. On Nov. 1994, OSHC was renamed as "Environmental Safety and Health Center (ESHC)"


2. Goals

For improving the safety and hygiene quality in campus, ensuring the safety and hygiene of teachers and students' learning environment, preventing injuries, property damage and occupational hazards, and reducing environmental pollution and enhancing the active participation of all faculties and staffs in environmental safety and hygiene activities, several tasks must be conducted as the following statements, including(1)to maintenance environmental protection work and care the life, property and safety of staff;(2) to comply with government environmental safety and health regulations, and continuously improve the health and safety management system to reach environmental safety and health performance; (3)to make staff and students have the right habits in environmental health and safety of health concepts; (4) to enhance the quality of life and protect the health and safety of teachers and students, resulting in the elimination of potential harm, even to achieve "zero disaster in campus.



  1. To push the affairs of the safety and health and environmental management in Lab.
  2. To establish standard of environmental safety and health system
  3. To plan the proposal of occupational disaster prevention and set the rules of health and safety affairs
  4. To set campus radiation protection programs and develop various safety and environmental regulations and norms
  5. To handle the affairs of safety inspection, environmental, health and radiation protection education and training activities and advocacy
  6. To establish health management of staff
  7. To deal and manage waste disposal, toxic chemicals, hazardous substances and wastewater treatment
  8. To promote the efficiency of declaration of various types of environmental safety and health and radiation business